The Abundant Not-for-Profit



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 Discipline: Book Design

We leapt at the opportunity to contribute to what industry leaders are calling a “rare leadership book that inspires you to think differently and equips you to act.” (Hildy Gottlieb, author, The Pollyanna Principles)

Working with the Team at Vantage Point, we were able to percolate the key messages and help craft the story arc of the “Abundant Not-for-Proft” – how to meaningfully engage and align skilled volunteers to achieve project specific goals of a non-profit. Our vision was to create a workbook with insights and techniques on how to meaningfully engage skilled volunteers. Once we had the structure, we created an overall concept for the book, designed graphics for key areas and typeset versions for both electronic and hardcopy distribution.

At Vantage Point, our mission is to inspire and build leadership in the sector, and our specific focus for the last decade has been on significantly engaging talented people to work with us on mission delivery. Tom has been one of those exceptional people, a volunteer who we call a knowledge philanthropist: an expert who gives us his time and his talent.

Linda Gerty | Director, Engagement