discpline: Brand Identity

Vancouver now has a booming new craft beer market with over 35 breweries. Some of these are nestled in the CBD, with further expansion across the lower mainland. James and Martin had a simple vision: to create a unique & local tour company, in which their passion for exploring and enjoying life would shine through.

Our ambition for the Terminal City Tours logo was to capture the spirit of the “Terminal City”, a place where the mountains meet the city. With future plans to expand beyond just beer tours, we also created a visual platform to help them break into various (future) markets. This family of marks will work in concert with the Terminal City Brand.

Tom and Magda took the time to sit down with us to discover what we were all about. They guided us in the right direction and created a logo that we think rocks! We’d like to take this opportunity to say thanks to Sabotage Creative for creating a logo that we think really captures what Terminal City Tours is all about.

James Piry